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Eaton ATS 16A Netpack

Eaton ATS 16A Netpack

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The Eaton ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) 16A Netpack is a device used for providing power redundancy and automatic switching between multiple power sources. It is manufactured by Eaton, a global power management company.

The ATS 16A Netpack is designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment or loads in the event of a power outage or failure. It allows you to connect two separate power sources, such as utility power and a backup generator or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), to a single load. The ATS constantly monitors the power sources and automatically switches to the backup source when it detects a loss of power or an unacceptable voltage or frequency level from the primary source.

Key features of the Eaton ATS 16A Netpack may include:

1. Automatic Transfer: The ATS can transfer power seamlessly and automatically from the primary power source to the backup source within milliseconds to minimize downtime.

2. Load Sensing: The ATS continuously monitors the load and determines when to switch power sources based on customizable parameters.

3. Network Connectivity: The Netpack version of the ATS may have built-in network connectivity, allowing you to monitor and manage the ATS remotely over a network using specialized software or a web interface.

4. Configuration and Monitoring: The ATS may offer configuration options to set the transfer parameters, time delays, and other settings. It may also provide monitoring capabilities to track power input, output, and status information.

5. Alarm and Notification: The ATS can generate alerts and notifications in case of power source failures or abnormal conditions. These notifications can be sent via email, SNMP traps, or other means, depending on the ATS model.

6. Capacity and Voltage Rating: The ATS 16A Netpack is typically designed for 16A current capacity and is compatible with the specific voltage requirements of the region it is intended for. However, it's important to verify the exact specifications for the specific model you are referring to.

Overall, the Eaton ATS 16A Netpack is a reliable solution for ensuring power redundancy and seamless transfer between power sources to protect critical equipment or loads from power interruptions.


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